Take Me There

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Take Me There Cover.jpg

Take Me There


9 original tracks written and performed by Norco Music students

Produced and Recorded by Brady Kerr

Mixed and Mastered by Brady Kerr and Scott Vance

© 2012 Norco Music

℗ 2012 Norco Music

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  1. Anywhere written by Sarah Lee • Sarah Lee (lead vocals/backing vocals/acoustic guitar/keyboards) Chantelle Garcia (backing vocals) Adrian Umali (bass) Josh Sudario (drums)
  2. Fly With Me written by Vidane • Vidane (lead vocals/backing vocals/acoustic guitar)
  3. You Fall, I Fall written by Jackie Contreras and Kenton Goodburn • Jackie Contreras (lead vocals) Kenton Goodburn (acoustic guitar/electric guitar) Brandon Mazenko (bass) Matt Hojdila (drums)
  4. Take Me There written by Sam Duhart • Sam Duhart (lead vocals/acoustic guitar) Kathryn Ann Torres (lead vocals) Matt Shores (acoustic guitar/electric guitar/drums) Matt Posner (acoustic guitar) Jonathan Bass (bass)
  5. F(r)iend written by Jourdan Montano and Shawn McClure • Jourdan Montano (lead vocals) Krystal Ramirez (backing vocals) Jacob Sambrano (backing vocals) Shawn McClure (electric guitar) Adrian Umali (bass) Adam Jauregui (drums)
  6. Release Me written by Adrian Umali, Shawn McClure, and Jackie Contreras • Jackie Contreras (lead vocals/backing vocals) Shawn McClure (lead guitar) Dominic Valenzuela (rhythm guitar) Adrian Umali (rhythm guitar/bass/drums) Tony Aleman (programming)
  7. From the Lights Off the Graves written by Sarah Ortega • Sarah Ortega (lead vocals) Ashley Selfridge (backing vocals) Katie Crossley (acoustic guitar) Meghan Hawkes (electric guitar) Brandon Mazenko (bass) Matt Hojdila (drums)
  8. Shut Down written by Felicia De La Isla • Felicia De La Isla (lead vocals) Adam Jauregui (lead vocals/drums) Ana Rauda (electric guitar/programming) Mondo Salas (bass)
  9. Last Words written by Tony Aleman and Jackie Contreras • Jackie Contreras (lead vocals/backing vocals) Dominic Valenzuela (electric guitar) Tony Aleman (electric guitar/drums/programming) Adrian Umali (bass/backing vocals) Jonathan Bass (backing vocals) Felicia De La Isla (backing vocals) Sarah Lee (backing vocals) Jacob Sambrano (backing vocals)