Falling Awake

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Falling Awake - Front Cover.jpg

Falling Awake


18 original tracks written and performed by Norco Music students

Produced and Recorded by Brady Kerr

Mixed and Mastered by Tony Aleman

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  1. Like Wolves written by Tony Aleman, Jordan Macias, Michael Tafoya, and Vidane • Michael Tafoya (vocals) Daniel Chavez (guitar/vocals) Tony Aleman (guitar/keys/bass/programming) Dominic Valenzuela (guitar) Jordan Macias (guitar)
  2. Running Circles written by Jack Stoddard and Shawn McClure • Jack Stoddard (vocals/backing vocals) Vidane (guitar/glockenspiel) Steen Kevett (bass) Sterling Fairfield (drums) Brady Kerr (programming)
  3. Bluebird written by Ashley Megan • Ashley Megan (lead vocals/backing vocals/piano) Meghan Hawkes (piano) Jessica Lim (guitar/backing vocals) Brandon Millikin (guitar/backing vocals) Michael Tafoya (guitar/backing vocals) Ty Moore (bass) Lucio Venegas (harmonica) Sarah O. (thumb piano) Brady Kerr (programming)
  4. All Night written by Patrick Boyle and Chris Aguirre • Chris Aguirre (vocals) Patrick Boyle (guitar/backing vocals) Kathryn Torres (backing vocals) Esther Ramos (backing vocals) Tony Aleman (bass/programming) Josh Eaton (drums)
  5. Rip the Skies Away (feat. Jon Secada) written by Joey Virrueta • Joey Virrueta (lead vocals/backing vocals/guitar) Jon Secada (backing vocals) Alex Zimmer (guitar) Steen Kevett (bass) Sterling Fairfield (drums)
  6. Legacy written by Meghan Hawkes • Meghan Hawkes (vocals/guitar/piano) Jeffrey Miller (vocals) Ashley Megan Selfridge (backing vocals) Katie Crossley (classical guitar) Mazenko (bass)
  7. A Ghost In My Own Shoes written by Sarah O. • Sarah O. (vocals/thumb piano) Katie Crossley (classical guitar) Meghan Hawkes (classical guitar) Mazenko (bass) Leo Arroyo (bowed guitar) Brady Kerr (programming)
  8. Mine written by Michael Tafoya • Michael Tafoya (vocals/backing vocals/guitar) Joey Virrueta (backing vocals) Brandon Millikin (backing vocals) Vidane (backing vocals) Tony Aleman (synth) DIVIS/ON (programming)
  9. Just Go With It written by DIVIS/ON, Big Man, and Brady Kerr • Big Man (vocals) Dennis Vong (vocals/backing Vocals) DIVIS/ON (programming)
  10. Tic-Tac-Toe written by Brandon Millikin • Brandon Millikin (vocals/guitar) Steen Kevett (bass) Sterling Fairfield (drums) Brady Kerr (programming)
  11. I Do written by Dennis Vong • Dennis Vong (vocals/backing vocals) Vidane (guitar) Steen Kevett (bass) Sterling Fairfield (drums) Brady Kerr (programming)
  12. Dying Candle written by Daniel Chavez • Daniel Chavez (vocals/guitar/programming) Tony Aleman (bass) Brady Kerr (programming)
  13. Take To The Skies written by Joey Virrueta, Aaron Huggins, and Brady Kerr • Joey Virrueta (vocals/backing vocals/lead guitar/rhythm guitar/programming)
  14. Speak Up written by L!R@, Matthew Hobbs, Big Man, and Courtney Redwine • Big Man (lead vocals) Daniel Chavez (vocals) Courtney Redwine (backing vocals) L!R@ (guitar/vocals) Dominic Valenzuela (guitar) Marshall German (piano) Louis Ojeda (bass) Kevin Allen (drums)
  15. The Rescue written by Michael Tafoya • Michael Tafoya (vocals/guitar/bass) Ashley Megan (vocals) Tony Aleman (programming)
  16. My Dear Friend written by Sarah O. • Sarah O. (vocals/guitar) Tony Aleman (lead guitar) Brandon Millikin (guitar) Vidane (guitar) Ty Moore (guitar/backing vocals) Jessica Lim (piano) Louis Ojeda (bass)
  17. Tell Me Why written by Sarah Lee and Esther Kim • Esther Kim (lead vocals) Sarah Lee (guitar/piano/backing vocals)
  18. Remains written by Mike Trojnar • Mike Trojnar (vocals/lead guitar/programming) Ryan Fagan (rhythm guitar) Scott Horn (bass) Sterling Fairfield (drums)