Nathan Scott is a singer/songwriter/producer from Corona, CA. His songs typically display his unique skill and groove with synths, programming and guitar, with smooth vocal lines to match. "Delusional", an experimental, underground, EDM experience, is Nathan's debut EP. His quick and effective songwriting technique has enabled him to become one of Norco Music’s breakout artists in a short amount of time, and his dedication and charisma have granted him many performance opportunities at Norco Music.

Tell us about your time so far at Norco, in the Norco Music program.

It’s been pretty sweet! I’ve met a lot of cool people, done a lot of cool things… It’s probably really opened up a lot [more] of my musical side because at first I was kind of iffy about what I wanted to do, but when I came here I was like, “this is DEFINITELY what I want to be doing.” Everything [so far] has just come together really well; I think I came at the perfect time in my life. I’m writing good music because I actually have stuff to write about, so it’s just been really cool!


So you’ve had a few songs come out of this semester—and this is your first semester in Norco Music?

Yeah, this is my first semester… I’ve written like four complete songs, and I’ve [got about] eight songs that I’m just starting.


Alright, so far in your time in Norco Music—I know you said you’re just starting out—do you have a fond memory or favorite experience?

Definitely Winter Pro Tools! [By] the end of the semester, no one had ever talked to each other, but when it ended we all just hung out and it was really cool! We all bonded as MUCers, you know.


What are you working on outside of Norco Music? Do you have any other hobbies?

No… Mostly just music. I’ve just been writing music. I only take music classes here [at Norco].


Do you have any goals that you’ve set for yourself, either short-term or long-term?

Yeah! My short term goal is to build a following so that when I release my music there are people that are actually listening to it! And maybe just to get Norco Music more “out there” and build up the following here too… I want to release an EP, hopefully this summer. That would be really cool; it would feature a lot of the songs I’ve been working on here at Norco.

Nathan Scott

Album Credits:

Collision Course

  • Heated Souls written by R. Mustafa • Rayhaan (vocals) • Nathan Scott (acoustic guitar)
  • Meet Me on the Moon written by N. Scott • Nathan Scott (vocals, acoustic guitar)
  • On the Mends written by R. Mustafa • Rayhaan (vocals) • Nathan Scott (acoustic guitar) 
  • Easy Love written by N. Scott • Nathan Scott (vocals, acoustic guitar) • David Morales (bass) • Ian Bain (drums)
  • Misunderstandings written by N. Scott • Nathan Scott (vocals, acoustic guitar) 
  • Don’t Look Down written by N. Scott • Nathan Scott (vocals, acoustic guitar)
  • Whirlwind written by R. Mustafa • Rayhaan (vocals) • Nathan Scott (acoustic guitar) • Jacob Lucero (bass) • Christian Rogers (cajón)
  • Wish You’d Never written by N. Scott • Nathan Scott (vocals, acoustic guitar)
  • In the Distance written by K. Dower, K. Vandeveer & C. Bagnol • Kaitlyn Vandeveer (vocals) • Kelsey Dower (piano, backing vocals) • Christina Bagnol (backing vocals) • Nathan Scott (acoustic guitar) • Erick Aguilar (lead guitar) • Jacob Lucero (bass)
  • Everyone’s Lonely written by S. O’Connor & N. Scott • Summer O’Connor (vocals, electric guitar) • Nathan Scott (vocals) • Ricardo Santiago (lead guitar) • David Morales (bass)


Additional Credits:

Delusional by Nathan Scott