•  *AA Degree/Certificate in Performance
•  *AA in Music (Coming Fall 2017)
•  *AS Degree/Certificate in Audio Production
•  Applied Music Lessons
•  Class Guitar
•  Class Piano
•  Class Voice
•  History of Rock and Roll
•  Internships
•  Live Sound Reinforcement
•  Music Technology
•  Music Theory
•  Norco Choir
•  Performance Techniques for Studio Recording
•  Pro Tools 101 & 110 Certifications
•  Pro Tools 201 & 210M Certifications
•  Recording Studio Workshop I
•  Songwriting
•  Studio Arts Ensemble
•  The Business of Music

*Associate of Arts
*Associate of Science


Norco Music (NM) is a vibrant educational community of students and instructors dedicated to the advancement of musical artistry.  Students have the opportunity to enroll in traditional music theory and performance classes, or in music industry studies coursework on the cutting edge of popular music technology. Norco Music has released five studio albums, wholly produced in state-of-the-art facilities at Norco College. All songs were written and performed by Norco Music students, and the albums are available at the major online retailers including Spotify, Amazon and iTunes.


The music curriculum is flexible and innovative, emphasizing musical creativity. Educational pathways allow students to become proficient on an instrument or voice, gain experience as an ensemble member, study the fundamentals of music or become proficient in music technology. Norco Music offers a wide variety of experiences and challenges, while giving students individual attention and opportunities for growth. World-class instructors and professionals at Norco College strive to create an atmosphere where students feel included, encouraged and supported.