Leadership Conference 2019

VOCAL MASTER CLASS (open to public):

  • Suzanna Guzmán, Soprano and Voice Instructor

    • Observe Suzanna Guzman, Soprano and current artist with La Opera work with three Norco students and give them feedback on how to better interpret and perform their pieces. Audiences members will have the opportunity to see how to connect with a master voice teacher in a classroom setting.


Keynote Panel: Facing Inequity in the Arts

What does the future of women in visual and performing arts look like? In looking toward the future, how do we reconcile our participation in upholding broken systems while simultaneously working towards change? Lastly, how do we care for ourselves in this pursuit? This and more in the opening panel for the day. Featuring perspectives from:

  • Dr. Karen Koner - Researcher/Instructor

  • Lee Cioppa - Administrator

  • Jazmin Morales - Violinist/Administrator/Activist

  • Tobi Harper - Deputy Director of Red Hen Press

Creating and Marking Content: How to Make It

Calling all creatives! Ever wonder how to create on a deadline? How about selling and marketing your creations? This panel tackles concepts like these including challenges one can face when creating content and what types of media are most prevalent in different fields of art. This panel features perspectives on from:

  • Kristel Boe - Business Owner/Artist

  • Shaniee Kennedy - Administrator/ Clarinetist/Instructor

  • Yi Shun Lai - Author

  • Shruti Kumar - Composer/Producer/Pianist

Behind the Scenes – Tech, Audio and Producing

In this panel, women talk about their separate experiences on being a woman in producing, recording and music technology and addressing various aspects of the industry. What was their first working experience like? What career options are out there for women interested in the tech side of music? All of this and more, with perspectives from:

  • Ainjel Emme - Songwriter/Producer/Recording Engineer

  • Shruti Kumar - Composer/Producer/Pianist

  • Jenny Amaya - Avid Certified Instructor/Sibelius Master Trainer/Instructor

Careers in the Arts: Finding the Options

What options are available for women who are pursuing the arts? What is beyond the expected like teaching and performing? What is the landscape for women in those fields? How do you find a balance between passion for your field and passion for your life? All of these and more in this panel, featuring:

  • Janneke Straub - LA Opera: Director of Leadership Gifts

  • Dr. Angela Brand - Professor at California Baptist University

  • Yi Shun Lai - Author

Business Ownership: Self-Start with your Art

Interested in starting your own business but no idea what that entails? The goal of this panel is to discuss the ups and downs and unexpected pitfalls of business ownership, how to help your business thrive, and how to marry your passion with entrepreneurial skills. This panel will offer perspectives from:

  • Kristel Boe - Business Owner/Artist

  • Shaniee Kennedy - Administrator/ Clarinetist/Instructor

  • Jenny Amaya - Avid Certified Instructor/Sibelius Master Trainer/Instructor


Musician’s Health: Tips for working with Mindfulness and Performance Anxiety

Dr. Karen Koner - Researcher/Instructor

Musicians’ health is an important topic for performers of any age. Rehearsals and practice sessions can result in tension, muscle strain, and mental exhaustion, which over time can lead to physical injuries and mental burnout. It has been suggested that the greatest risk factor for injury amongst musicians is the psychological stress (Colwell, Hewitt, & Fonder, 2018). By taking time to integrate exercises and activities to focus on musicians’ health and self-care before or during a rehearsal or practice session; performers, teachers and students can have a productive and healthy musical experience. This session, presented by a current music teacher educator who is also a certified yoga instructor, will present tips, ideas, and activities to improve performance anxiety, musician pain and tension, and mental focus in a music rehearsal or practice session. Topics will include breathing techniques for performance anxiety, stretches to avoid straining and pain, and contemplative practices such as deep listening and meditative techniques to improve focus. These ideas can be used in a group, with your students, or at home during practice sessions.

Marketing Yourself As A Modern Musician

Gina Luciani - Flautist/Instructor

Do you have the tools you need to be a successful musician in 2019? Social Media is so much more than just a place to post pretty pictures - it can now jump-start your career! Learn how to brand and market yourself from Los Angeles Studio Musician, Gina Luciani.

Storytelling Through Movement - How to Fuse Different Disciplines to Tell Your Story

Ally Vega - Choreographer/Instructor 

Movement, music, and storytelling - these three elements have a profound impact in the way we use them to connect to ourselves and others. How do we use these disciplines to share our experiences, build bridges with people, and heal our traumas? How do we turn a simple movement piece, song, or script into a powerful dialogue that engages all kinds of people? Join Choreographer and Performance Artist Ally Vega as she shares her journey from being a dancer at a Maid Cafe to performing her work for thousands of people at the Los Angeles International Airport with her Filipinx hip hop fusion dance company, Ancestral Vision Movement.

Exhibition of prints by women artists

Anita Bunn - Photographer/Curator/Instructor

Anita Bunn will be giving a presentation on the evolution of B.A.T., an exhibition of prints by women artists from the archives of El Nopal Press, a limited-edition fine art press located in downtown Los Angeles. The 37 artists in the exhibition trace trajectories of influence, tension, and overlap that build an interconnected web of artistic production in Mexico and California from the early 1990s to the present. The third and most expansive version of B.A.T. opens at Kleefeld Contemporary, California State University, Long Beach, on Sunday, September 8 and runs through November 14. 

How to Talk About Yourself: LinkedIn, Resumes & Interviews

Tara Aesquivel - Instructor/ Executive Director of American Youth Symphony

How can you summarize your life's experiences on one page of paper?  How can you stand out and differentiate yourself from other job-seekers?  It's not easy, and it's not always intuitive for artists.  In this session, you'll participate in activities and conversations that will help you present your best qualifications "on paper" and in interviews.