Chris is a 19-year-old, self-taught bassist and guitar/drum player with classic rock, blues and psychedelic influence.

Chris Ruiz

Album Credits

Beneath the Surface

  • we fit together written by damian navarro (vocals/guitar/piano/bass) • adam pastor (backing vocals) • chris ruiz (backing vocals) • imani (backing vocals) • isaac gray (backing vocals) • kalie jade (backing vocals) • matt garcia (backing vocals) • phil lajeunesse (backing vocals) • ryan hickman (backing vocals) • tako (backing vocals) • paisley (production) • brady kerr (production)

  • sweet revenge written by kalie jade x adam pastor • kalie jade (vocals) • adam pastor (guitar) • chris ruiz (bass) • travis jones (drums)

  • free written by kalie jade x adam pastor x tako • kalie jade (vocals) • adam pastor (electric guitar) • tako (acoustic guitar) • brady kerr (organ) • chris ruiz (bass) • richard napalan (drums)

  • sage written by adam pastor x ela • ela (vocals) • adam pastor (guitar) • chris ruiz (bass) • travis jones (drums)

  • bad news written by imani x isaac gray • imani (vocals / guitar) • isaac gray (guitar) • adam pastor (lead guitar) • chris ruiz (bass)

  • river written by thalia moore-shearer x adam pastor • thalia moore-shearer (vocals) • adam pastor (acoustic guitar) • german moreno (electric guitar) • tako (mandolin) • mexi (bassoon) • chris ruiz (bass) • imani (backing vocals) • richard napalan (drums)

  • vagabond written by tako • tako (vocals / acoustic guitar) • adam pastor (lead acoustic guitar) • german moreno (electric guitar) • chris ruiz (bass) • isaac gray (percussion)