Jeremy Reed is a singer/songwriter from Corona, CA. His signature indie folk style quickly helped him emerge as a notable songwriter at Norco Music. Jeremy is filled with passion and drive, and is constantly working to create new music; he surrounds himself with inspiration to do so on a daily basis.

Tell us about yourself as an artist.

Well, I’m a singer/songwriter; I've been singing my whole life, songwriting for quite a long time, too—since I was a kid. I guess genre-wise, all the music styles that [I’ve listened to] have influenced [me] in the music I create.


Tell us about your time at Norco, in the Norco Music department.

It was a cool and interesting experience! It taught me to always hold true to who you are as an artist and keep your creative ideas—it’s good to compromise when you’re [working] with a group and take on other people’s thoughts and critiques, but it’s [also] really important as an artist to keep your vision for a song or a piece of music… and make that come to [life].


Do you have a favorite memory or experience from being in Norco Music that you like to look back on?

I think there’s a couple. First was when I finally finished my EP; that was when Brady let me have the final touches when mastering each song and he gave me that time which I’m really grateful for—thanks Brady! Number two would be the last MUS 38 recital [that I was a part of] when I sang ‘Jealous,’ by Labyrinth because I worked really hard on that song… and it felt really great to be able to sing it and be able to [sing] it well and have people say [good] things about it. [Also] ultimately having Ashley Phiri as my instructor.


What are you doing now as far as school, professionally, musically, or any other pursuits?

I finished school in June of 2015 and since then I [had] been working on putting out my EP… but I finally got it out there; it’s called “Where The Light Is” and I’m really happy about it.


Are you working on anything currently?

I’m always writing, but I haven’t gotten a chance to record anything [lately].


Do you have any hobbies outside of music?

I think music is my thing, it’s like my number one.


Do you have any goals you’ve set for yourself, either short-term or long-term?

I want to eventually save up enough money to buy a car and move to LA… I’ll probably do something like that, move out somewhere and try to do something more with [my] music… Take more active steps [in pursuing it].


That’s it as far as the questions go, but is there anything you want to add?

I just want to say thank you to everyone who supported me and believed in me. I want to say thank you to Brady Kerr and Kim Kamerin for allowing me to make music and [for] helping me to develop as an artist as well as a person… and thank you to everyone [at Norco Music] for being so nice and so kind to me, I appreciate it a lot. Thank you.

Jeremy Reed

Album Credits:

Compass Heart

  • Begin written by Jeremy Reed • Jeremy Reed (vocals/acoustic guitar)

  • In the Clouds written by Jeremy Reed • Jeremy Reed (vocals/ukulele) Chris Lopez (guitar) Aaron Eastwood (french horn)

Out of the Darkness | Into the Light

  • Color By Numbers written by Abdel Dakhil • Abdel Dakhil (vocals/acoustic guitar) Shaka (electric guitar) Jeremy Reed (piano) Mona Lee (cello) Stephen Taylor (drums)

  • When I Fly Away written by Mona Lee, Jeremy Reed, Chris Lopez, and Jon Cuevas • Jeremy Reed (vocals/acoustic guitar) Chris Lopez (electric guitar) Mona Lee (piano) Brady Kerr (programming) Jon Cuevas (bass)

  • Seeker written by Jeremy Reed, Judith Quán, and Jon Esqueda • Jeremy Reed (vocals/guitar) Judith Quán (vocals/piano) Jon Esqueda (vocals/mandolin) Mona Lee (cello)

  • Red-Stained Glass written by Jeremy Reed • Jeremy Reed (vocals/guitar) Cory Silva (rhythm acoustic guitar) Joey Fisher (lead acoustic guitar) Brandon Trubey (rhythm electric guitar) Priest Dragon Gooding (lead electric guitar) Garrett Cody Cordova (banjo) Joshua Grandbouche (cajón) Steen Kevett (bass) Stephen Taylor (drums)

  • Waves written by Jeremy Reed, Urias, and Stephen Taylor • Jeremy Reed (vocals/guitar) Urias (vocals) Stephen Taylor (tambourine/drums)

  • Storybook written by Jeremy Reed and Tanner Riggs • Jeremy Reed (vocals/backing vocals/acoustic guitar) Tanner Riggs (vocals/backing vocals) Dillon Droke (arrangement guitar/bass) Crystal Chavez (piano)