Judith Quán is a singer/songwriter from Corona, CA. With over a dozen album credits to her name, Judith has become one of the biggest legacies in Norco Music history. Judith began her musical career at Norco singing backup for her sister, Jessica Arango, but was soon called into the spotlight to showcase a grand talent and name of her own. Judith possesses a beautifully delicate voice and is a master of several instruments including piano, guitar, and bass. While continuously working towards releasing an EP of her own, Judith is also continuing her musical endeavors at Cal State Fullerton where she is pursuing a degree in music education.

What kind of music do you write?

Hmmm… the music that I write tends to be in the pop genre or acoustic genre. It’s really hard to define and put [into] a specific genre.


Tell us about yourself as an artist.

As an artist, I feel like it’s really cool because you don’t have to be confined by the rules of what everybody else does. I feel like, as an artist, the biggest person that puts a limit on myself or the biggest person that puts a rule on myself is me and—trying to reach my own goals and trying to push forward in what I want to do—there’s no specific deadline that you have except for whatever you put, and so, for me, that’s what I feel is really important. And also what’s really cool for music [is that] it’s something that you can express who you are and what you feel in ways that words sometimes can’t really say, or even actions can’t really speak, but music can kind of express that for you, and each song that you write or listen to has a story behind it. Each song has meaning behind it—special meaning to the artist.


Tell us about your time at Norco Music.

Oh gosh, it’s been fun! I was at Norco for five years—a long time—and I slowly got myself into the music program. I took at least one music class every semester, and my first music class was Studio Arts Ensemble. It [was] fun because as I got more and more into the music program I got to find out what I really love, and that’s when I was figuring out [that] music is what I [wanted] to do through being at Norco College. All of the music [instructors] are great, and it’s been really cool! I also like growing with the program because I know that the program started out pretty small and it’s continually developing and it’s been fun being a part of that, too, because it’s a different kind of learning experience.


Do you have a favorite memory or experience from being in Norco Music?

There’s a lot! There are so many… I don’t know how many semesters I took MUC. I think I’ve taken at least five semesters of MUC and each one of them had a good memory. Every time [I was] in the studio was just awesome; every time you record, it’s just a really fun time. Even the concerts are always fun. Going up there [is] nerve-wracking, but at the same time it just blows your mind away; it’s just fun to be up there and do what you love doing. Time on The Knoll is always fun, too… the break times. I don’t know, there’s just so much [and] it’s hard to pin it down to one… OOH! One really good one is when Stevie Wonder came to Norco and we got to take a picture with him and the choir. That was really fun!


What are you doing now as far as anything school related, music related, any other hobbies?

I’m at Cal State Fullerton now. I’m studying music education, so I’m still continuing forth. I’ve kind of—I’m going more towards the music education side of it instead of the commercial music side of it, but I’m still kind of keeping commercial music in the loop. I’m still writing songs every now and then and I’m taking a lot of music classes right now. It’s different definitely because it’s very much focused on theory and piano and choir music. As far as hobbies… I really like spending time with my family. I’m a very family [oriented] person, and I’m really close to all of my sisters and my brothers, so I like hanging out with them a lot.


How many brothers and sisters do you have?

Well, I have one blood sister, but then I have three half-blood sisters and two half-blood brothers. So altogether we’re seven [of us].


Do you have any goals that you’ve set for yourself, either short-term or long-term?

Yeah! Short term (hopefully) I’m hoping to get an EP out soon because it’s something that I’ve been wanting to do and I’ve been pushing it aside and haven’t gotten around to it, but it’s something that I really really want to do, that I want to accomplish. As far as long term, I do want to get my degree in music education and I want to be able to teach music theory. I’m kind of going along the path of music education and choral conducting, but hopefully that’ll get me in the area of teaching music theory because that’s what I really really want to do.

Judith Quán

Album Credits:

Compass Heart

  • Hurricanes of Jupiter written by Judith Quán and Ricardo Santiago • Judith Quán (vocals) Ricardo Santiago (acoustic guitar) Stephen Taylor (cajón)

  • Oh, Sweet Love written Jessica Lim • Jessica Lim (vocals/acoustic guitar) Judith Quán (backing vocals) Kim Kamerin (piano)

Out of the Darkness

  • Drive written by Jourdan Montano and Judith Quán • Jourdan Montano (vocals) Ricardo Santiago (guitar/bass) Judith Quán (piano) Stephen Taylor (drums)

  • Gamble Away written by Ricardo Santiago and Jourdan Montano • Jourdan Montano (vocals) Judith Quán (backing vocals/piano) Ricardo Santiago (guitar/bass) Stephen Taylor (drums)

  • No Love Song written by Judith Quán and Jon Esqueda • Judith Quán (vocals/backing vocals) Ricardo Santiago (guitar) Mona Lee (cello) Jon Esqueda (shaker)

  • Snake Charmer written by Kyle Lynch • Kyle Lynch (vocals) Kyi Martin (backing vocals) Jessica Lim (backing vocals) Judith Quán (backing vocals/piano) Alexander Gastelum (guitar) Ana Rauda (congas) Steen Kevett (bass) Sterling Fairfield (drums)

  • New Religion written by Jourdan Montano, Brady Kerr, and Judith Quán • Jourdan Montano (vocals) Ricardo Santiago (guitar/bass) Judith Quán (piano) Stephen Taylor (drums)

Into the Light

  • My Love, My California written by Ricardo Santiago andJudith Quán • Judith Quán (vocals/backing vocals) Urias (vocals) Ricardo Santiago (guitar) Stephen Taylor (drums)

  • Seeker written by Jeremy Reed, Judith Quán, and Jon Esqueda • Jeremy Reed (vocals/guitar) Judith Quán (vocals/piano) Jon Esqueda (vocals/mandolin) Mona Lee (cello)

  • Silver Lining written by Judith Quán • Judith Quán (vocals/piano)

  • Roll With Me written by Smoothbeatsonly.com, BigMan, and Judith Quán • BigMan (vocals) Judith Quán (vocals/backing vocals) Smoothbeatsonly.com (beat)

  • You written by Phillip Riddick • Tanner Riggs (vocals) Judith Quán (backing vocals) Phillip Riddick (synths/programming)

  • Our Love written by August Eichman, Mona Lee, DJ Humanoid, and Jon Esqueda • Judith Quán (vocals/backing vocals) Jon Esqueda (vocals/backing vocals/guitar) August Eichman (piano) Mona Lee (cello) DJ Humanoid (programming) Ricardo Santiago (shaker)

  • Nothing written by Brady Kerr, Sterling Fairfield, Steen Kevett, and BigMan • BigMan (vocals) Judith Quán (vocals/backing vocals) Brady Kerr (piano) Steen Kevett (bass) Sterling Fairfield (drums)


  • Release written by Jessica Lim • Jessica Lim (vocals/guitar) Judith Quán (backing vocals) Kim Kamerin (piano) Steen Kevett (bass) Sterling Fairfield (drums) Brady Kerr (programming)

  • Cosmic Love written by Phillip Riddick and A Jasper • Bree (vocals) BigMan (vocals) Jessica Lim (backing vocals) KL (backing vocals) Judith Quán (backing vocals) Phillip Riddick (synths/programming)