Directed, produced and edited by Nathan Scott • Filmed by Nathan Scott x Brady Kerr

Nathan Scott

"Nicotine" was written and produced by singer/songwriter/producer/artist, Nathan Scott. Check out his YouTube channel: The Real Nathan Scott



Directed, produced and edited by Nathan Scott • Filmed by Nathan Scott, Niko Renee & Brady Kerr

Nathan Scott

"Sins" was written and produced by singer/songwriter/producer/artist, Nathan Scott. The song is featured on Norco Music's seventh studio album, Boundless.



Hurricanes of Jupiter

Filmed at the Corona Historic Civic Center in Corona, California.

Judith Quán

"Hurricanes of Jupiter" was written during a songwriting class by artists [Judith Quán and Ricardo Santiago] as part of a music and art collaboration at Norco College, called Counterpoint; it was composed to compliment and express the artwork. When writing the lyrics, Judith imagined the hardships of a relationship when it is not what it was expected to be, and one partner feels alone—the other partner has cheated and feels indifferent—so Judith paralleled the feelings of being alone, ignored, and unheard to being out in space in an endless void.

"Hurricanes" is also a featured track on Norco Music's fifth studio album, Compass Heart. Judith's prolific songwriting skills have been featured on 16 released Norco Music tracks on four different albums. Her stunning musicality and effortlessly angelic vocals continue to leave audiences wonderstruck.

(The artwork that inspired "Hurricanes of Jupiter" contains a subliminal message hidden within its clouds.)

Ricardo Santiago

Ricardo Santiago has lent his craftsmanship as a guitarist and bassist to 11 released Norco Music tracks. "Hurricanes Of Jupiter" is the second song that Judith and Ricardo have written together—the first was "My Love, My California," which is featured on Norco Music's album, Into the Light.

Ricardo recently launched his own record label, RICSANRAM Records, and website ( Ricardo also became the first ever Recording Studio Intern at Norco Music in Spring 2016. His talents continue to present him with collaborative work as a studio musician and recording engineer.



Filmed at the Corona Historic Civic Center in Corona, California.

Devin Renee

"Tunnel" was written by artist, Devin Renee and is a featured track on Norco Music's fifth commercial release, Compass Heart. The song was written for her best friend who was having a rough time after a breakup. Her friend was always such a happy and carefree person, that is was difficult for Devin to see her so devastated. "Tunnel" was written as a small, glimmer of hope to let her know that things would get better, and that she'd always be there for her. Other songs by Devin Renee on Compass Heart include, "Clarity" and "In Stone". 

Jon Esqueda

NM artist, Jon Esqueda who is also penned under the artist name, Harbinger lent his unique, mandolin skills to "Tunnel". He is also a featured artist on Compass Heart, and lends his talents to several tracks including his own, "Portraits", "Small Lies", "What Would That Be?" and "Spectre".

Michael Tucker

Michael, the drummer used his percussion skills on "Tunnel" by playing the cajón. A cajón (Spanish pronunciation: [kaˈxon] ka-HON, "box", "crate" or "drawer") is nominally a box-shaped percussion instrument originally from Peru, played by slapping the front or rear faces (generally thin plywood) with the hands, fingers, or sometimes various implements such as brushes, mallets, or sticks. Michael's drumming skills are also featured on "What Would That Be?" from Compass Heart.


Small Lies

Filmed in Corona, California.

"Small Lies" was written by artist, Harbinger.

"I wrote this song to describe the situation that people in heartbreak and denial always find themselves in. In the stage of grief, they always envision what they've lost; it even follows them into their dreams. This song tells the story of someone being lost inside their own mind; in a trance of longing. Everything they view before them is everything they want, and everything they are. Yet, they come to find it was only a dream when they wake. The song focuses on the connection that our own minds and eyes are deceitful, and that what are disguised as dreams are potentially actually nightmares."
— Harbinger

Come Alive

Filmed in Norco, California.

"Come Alive" was written by artists, Kris Ottinger and Jourdan Montano. It was filmed at two locations at Norco College: The Little Theater and "Stargazer Mountain". Stargazer Mountain (nicknamed after the opening track on Norco Music's album Alive, "Stargazer"), sits on the backside of Norco College's campus, overlooking Lake Norconian and the Naval Base.



Filmed at Crescent Bay Point Park in Laguna Beach, California.

"There’s something special inside each one of us that sets us apart from everyone else, yet something beautifully mysterious moves among us that connects us all together. This song is meant to be as an inspiration to those who might feel broken or lost, in search of hope and comfort. Darkness exists so that light can touch it. Hate abounds that love might heal it. Search within yourself and find release."

— Jessica Arango