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Tell us about yourself as an artist.

I just like making music that makes people happy. Personally, I rap, I play guitar, drums, and bass, so I try and take everything musical I've ever learned in my life and apply it to hip-hop.


Tell us about your time at Norco in the Norco Music department.

Norco was a blast! I was not the most studious student, but Brady and Kamerin always took the time to make sure I was [being] mentored, always made sure to put their foot [down] if I was acting up… I loved being a part of the commercial music program and every day recording with everybody was the best. Ever.


Do you have a favorite part or a favorite memory or experience from it?

I think my favorite memory was right before I left Norco, I did choir for one semester, and choir was actually [super] lit! Choir was definitely one of the highlights of being in the music program; there’s a ton of community there [and] I still talk to almost everybody in choir.


What are you doing now as far as school, professional, musical?

School: I’m set to transfer in the fall to OCC; professionally right now, [Ive] just been doing a lot of shows and taking a lot of pictures, we just [shot] a music video for ‘Perspective’ that came out and got 5,500 views, and we’re just taking everything one step at a time until we can get on the level we want to be [at].


Do you have any hobbies outside of music?

I really like kayaking… I’m buying my own raft because I really enjoy [it]. So, kayaking, I really like animals… I don’t like the zoo, but I like animals—I don’t like the zoo because they keep the animals captive… [and] I really like anime. I can tell you like every anime from every year, like, ever.


Do you have any goals you’ve set for yourself, either short-term or long-term?

My short-term goal for 2016 is to increase my fanbase to at least 300 people [so that] anytime I [play] a show, 300 people would show up… My long term goal is to develop my own brand for music, make my own studio, sign my own artists, things like that.


Do you work by yourself or is there a group of people that you work with?

I have a really big team. The production team that I work with consists of myself, Austin Rubic, Stephen Taylor, and Lawrence Chadwick Lin.

Shaka D

Album Credits:

Out of the Darkness | Into the Light

  • Color By Numbers written by Abdel Dakhil • Abdel Dakhil (vocals/acoustic guitar) Shaka (electric guitar) Jeremy Reed (piano) Mona Lee (cello) Stephen Taylor (drums)

  • Howling at the Moon written by Shaka • Abdel Dakhil (vocals/rhythm guitar) Shaka (lead guitar) Steen Kevett (bass) Stephen Taylor (drums)

  • Unknown written by Abdel Dakhil • Abdel Dakhil (vocals/acoustic guitar/shaker) Shaka (electric guitar) Steen Kevett (bass) Stephen Taylor (drums)

  • Show You written by Tanner Riggs and Ian Gregor • Tanner Riggs (vocals) Ian Gregor (rhythm guitar) Shaka (lead guitar) Brady Kerr (piano/programming) Angie Tabor (steel parts) Austin Steirer (congas) Kristopher Ottinger (shakers) Steen Kevett (bass) Stephen Taylor (drums)

  • Rocketship written by Shaka and Urias • Shaka (vocals/guitar) Urias (vocals) Mayra Alejandra Godinez (backing vocals) Steen Kevett (bass) Stephen Taylor (tambourine/shaker/drums)

Stephen Taylor, Shaka D, Austin Rubic, Lawrence Chadwick Lin

Stephen Taylor, Shaka D, Austin Rubic, Lawrence Chadwick Lin