Album Credits:

Beneath the Surface

  • we fit together written by damian navarro (vocals/guitar/piano/bass) • adam pastor (backing vocals) • chris ruiz (backing vocals) • imani (backing vocals) • isaac gray (backing vocals) • kalie jade (backing vocals) • matt garcia (backing vocals) • phil lajeunesse (backing vocals) • ryan hickman (backing vocals) • tako (backing vocals) • paisley (production) • brady kerr (production)

  • over & over written by nathan scott x damian navarro x jackie maslow x ryan hickman • nathan scott (vocals / lead guitar / bass / production) • tako (acoustic guitar) • phouy (production)

  • dust written by aluvu x farris • farris (vocals) • aluvu (production)

  • melancholy constellations written by tako • tako (vocals / acoustic guitar / bass) • adam pastor (lead guitar) • damian navarro (drums)


  • Need You music and words by Damian Navarro • Damian Navarro (vocals, guitar, bass, drums) • Brady Kerr (piano) • Austin Farris x Ryan Hickman x Jerusha Lumley x Kris Ottinger x Mat Rahmani x Rayhaan x Nathan Scott (backing vocals)

Compass Heart

  • Spectre written by Ryan Hickman and Jon Esqueda • Jon Esqueda (vocals/rhythm guitar) Ryan Hickman (programming) David Morales (bass) Adam Jauregui (lead guitar/backing vocals/drums)

Out of the Darkness

  • Look Up written by Eduardo Arvilla, Daniel Chavez and BigMan • BigMan (vocals) Daniel Chavez (vocals/piano) Jourdan Montano (vocals) Eduardo Arvilla (lead guitar) Ryan Hickman (rhythm guitar) Steen Kevett (bass) Jake Kelley (drums)

  • A Flash of Red written by Joshua Grandbouche, M Cesareo and G Arias • Urias (Vocals) Ricardo Santiago (Lead Guitar) Ryan Hickman (Rhythm Guitar) Steen Kevett (Bass) Joshua Grandbouche (Drums)