Album Credits:

Out of the Darkness | Into the Light

  • Run written by Urias • Urias (vocals/backing vocals/acoustic guitar) Mona Lee (cello)
  • A Flash of Red written by Joshua Grandbouche, M Cesareo and G Arias • Urias (Vocals) Ricardo Santiago (Lead Guitar) Ryan Hickman (Rhythm Guitar) Steen Kevett (Bass) Joshua Grandbouche (Drums)
  • Gold written by Meeke and Urias
  • My Love, My California written by Ricardo Santiago andJudith Quán • Judith Quán (vocals/backing vocals) Urias (vocals) Ricardo Santiago (guitar) Stephen Taylor (drums)
  • Waves written by Jeremy Reed, Urias, and Stephen Taylor • Jeremy Reed (vocals/guitar) Urias (vocals) Stephen Taylor (tambourine/drums)
  • Rocketship written by Shaka and Urias • Shaka (vocals/guitar) Urias (vocals) Mayra Alejandra Godinez (backing vocals) Steen Kevett (bass) Stephen Taylor (tambourine/shaker/drums)


Additional Credits:

  Gold EP  by Meeke

Gold EP by Meeke

  • 01. Lightform
  • 02. Gold (feat. Urias)
  • 03. Gemini
  • 04. Delicate (feat.Urias)