Rayhaan Mustafa is a singer/songwriter from Corona, CA. With one of the most unique sounds to ever make its way to Norco Music, Rayhaan has made a name for himself through the unmistakable timbre of his voice, and the detailed honesty of his lyrics. Rayhaan’s fierce musicality and calm character have made him an excellent collaborator among various artists in Norco Music. As a newcomer, Rayhaan’s main focus is to write as much music as he can, and find his true sound along the way.


Album Credits:


  • Fly music and words by Rayhaan x LVKA • Rayhaan (vocals) • LVKA (vocals, piano, production) • Damian Navarro (drums)

  • Need You music and words by Damian Navarro • Damian Navarro (vocals, guitar, bass, drums) • Brady Kerr (piano) • Austin Farris x Ryan Hickman x Jerusha Lumley x Kris Ottinger x Mat Rahmani x Rayhaan x Nathan Scott (backing vocals)


  • Behave written by R. Mustafa • Rayhaan (vocals) • Summer O’Connor (electric guitar, backing vocals) • Brady Kerr (programming)

  • Nasty Girl written by R. Mustafa and J. Lucero • Rayhaan (vocals) • Jacob Lucero (electric guitar, lead guitar, bass) • Brady Kerr (programming)

  • We’ll Come Around written by R. Mustafa and S. O’Connor • Rayhaan (vocals) • Summer O’Connor (vocals) • Jacob Lucero (acoustic guitar, bass)

  • Blue Jeans written by R. Mustafa • Rayhaan (vocals) • Nathan Scott (acoustic guitar) • Mathias Waites (electric guitar) • Jacob Lucero (bass) • Brady Kerr (programming)

Collision Course

  • Heated Souls written by R. Mustafa • Rayhaan (vocals) • Nathan Scott (acoustic guitar)

  • On the Mends written by R. Mustafa • Rayhaan (vocals) • Nathan Scott (acoustic guitar)

  • Horizons written by T. Smith & R. Mustafa • Rayhaan (vocals) • Trent Smith (electric guitar) • Keoni Koehler (lead guitar) • Tony Sanchez (bass) • Christian Rogers (drums)

  • Snared written by R. Mustafa • Rayhaan (vocals) • David Morales (electric guitar, bass) • Brady Kerr (programming)

  • Whirlwind written by R. Mustafa • Rayhaan (vocals) • Nathan Scott (acoustic guitar) • Jacob Lucero (bass) • Christian Rogers (cajón)

  • Sing in the Dark written by R. Mustafa • Rayhaan (vocals) • Richard Nelson (acoustic guitar) • The Missiles (backing vocals)


Tell us about your time so far in the Norco Music program.

It’s definitely been an experience… I came in wanting to just improve what I have to offer, and I was able to give that so far to the people who have asked [anything of me]. I try and write lyrics, I also sing, I have a little guitar experience, but I just wanted to use that to be able to create music—which I had no experience in—and Norco Music has given me an outlet to do that. Again, it just feels like I’m gaining more and more experience and I appreciate that.


Do you have a favorite part of Norco Music or a favorite experience that you want to share?

My favorite part would definitely be the community. The people and the environment make it feel like a family, and I appreciate that because it’s nice to feel connected to the people you’re around.


What are you doing now outside of Norco Music? As far as school, anything professional, musical, any other pursuits or hobbies?

As far as school goes, I’m just working to get a degree in SOMETHING… Right now it looks like I’m going towards the Audio Engineering Certificate Program. As far as hobbies? Typically if I find that I’m interested in something, such as: playing video games or sports, or even learning, I tend to pursue it, so it kind of depends on the time. Whatever I feel like I have the potential to grow in, I will enjoy doing that, so pretty much everything, but right now my focus is on music and audio engineering.


Do you have any goals you’ve set for yourself? Either short-term or long-term?

Again the whole growing thing. My goal is to just see myself grow. My certificate/degree is something that I’ve set for myself.


Is there anything else you’d like to say?

I like birds. And this is a very important thing because birds are symbolic to me, and I like watching them fly, and I want to fly one day. One day I’ll grow my wings and I’ll just take off. I’m Rayhaan Mustafa.