Associate of Arts in Music

This program focuses on Music Theory and Performance Requirements needed to transfer as a Music Major to a CSU, UC or other four-year institutions.


Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Analyze and discuss elements of musical compositions from the Common Practice and Post-Tonal Eras.

  • Sing tonal and post-tonal melodies on sight using solfeggio syllables.

  • Compose original music in Common Practice and Post-Tonal styles.

  • Play all major and minor diatonic scales at the piano hands together in two octaves.

  • Demonstrate professional level standards of conduct in ensemble rehearsals, recitals and/or recording sessions.

  • Demonstrate proficient performance skills in a recital on an instrument or voice using appropriate repertoire, musical interpretation and technique


Required Courses:

MUSIC THEORY (16 units):

  • MUS-3 Music Fundamentals (4 units)

  • MUS-4 Music Theory I (4 units)

  • MUS-5 Music Theory II (4 units)

  • MUS-6 Music Theory III (4 units)


APPLIED MUSIC (10 – 12 units)

  • MUS-38 Beginning Applied Music I (2 units)

  • MUS-78 Beginning Applied Music II (2 units)

  • MUS-39 Intermediate Applied Music I (3 units)

  • MUS-79 Intermediate Applied Music II (3 units)


  • MUS-39 Intermediate Applied Music I (3 units, 2x)

  • MUS-79 Intermediate Applied Music II (3 units, 2x)



  • MUS-41 Chamber Singers (2x) (this replaces MIS-10A)

  • MUS-81 Consort Singers (2x) (this replaces MIS-10B)

  • MIS-11A Studio Arts Ensemble I (2 units, 2x)

  • MIS 11B Studio Arts Ensemble II (2 units, 2x)


Total Units: 34-36


The Associate of Arts Degree in Music will be awarded upon completion of the degree requirements, including general education and other graduation requirements as described in the college catalog.

Recommended Courses: Keyboard Proficiency - Most 4-year institutions require that lower division students pass a keyboard proficiency exam. The following courses are recommended to prepare students for the the exam (4 units from the following): MUS-32A Class Piano I, MUS-32B Class Piano I, MUS-32C Class Piano I, MUS-32D Class Piano I.