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Kris Ottinger

Album Credits:


  • Need You music and words by Damian Navarro • Damian Navarro (vocals, guitar, bass, drums) • Brady Kerr (piano) • Austin Farris x Ryan Hickman x Jerusha Lumley x Kris Ottinger x Mat Rahmani x Rayhaan x Nathan Scott (backing vocals)

Out of the Darkness | Into the Light

  • Show You written by Tanner Riggs and Ian Gregor • Tanner Riggs (vocals) Ian Gregor (rhythm guitar) Shaka (lead guitar) Brady Kerr (piano/programming) Angie Tabor (steel parts) Austin Steirer (congas) Kristopher Ottinger (shakers) Steen Kevett (bass) Stephen Taylor (drums)


  • Come Alive written by Kris Ottinger and Jourdan Montano • Jourdan Montano (vocals) Kris Ottinger (guitar) Brady Kerr (piano) Steen Kevett (bass) Stephen Taylor (drums/congas)