Travis Jones is a 19 year old drummer who likes to base everything on what sounds good. He’s been drumming for 14 years and still feels like hw has a lot to learn. He thinks it’s important to always keep an open mind and be willing to listen whether or not you disagree; especially in music. He is confident that his gift in music will grant him different opportunities.

Travis Jones

Album Credits

Beneath the Surface

  • sweet revenge written by kalie jade x adam pastor • kalie jade (vocals) • adam pastor (guitar) • chris ruiz (bass) • travis jones (drums)

  • sage written by adam pastor x ela • ela (vocals) • adam pastor (guitar) • chris ruiz (bass) • travis jones (drums)

  • fall for me written by kalie jade • kalie jade (vocals / guitar) • adam pastor (lead guitar) • brady kerr (piano / production) • damian navarro (bass) • travis jones (cajón)

  • zu blues written by carmine aponte • ela (vocals / guitar) • carmine aponte (bass) • travis jones (drums)