Mona Lee

Album Credits:

Out of the Darkness | Into the Light

  • Color By Numbers written by Abdel Dakhil • Abdel Dakhil (vocals/acoustic guitar) Shaka (electric guitar) Jeremy Reed (piano) Mona Lee (cello) Stephen Taylor (drums)
  • Run written by Urias • Urias (vocals/backing vocals/acoustic guitar) Mona Lee (cello)
  • No Love Song written by Judith Quán and Jon Esqueda • Judith Quán (vocals/backing vocals) Ricardo Santiago (guitar) Mona Lee (cello) Jon Esqueda (shaker)
  • When I Fly Away written by Mona Lee, Jeremy Reed, Chris Lopez, and Jon Cuevas • Jeremy Reed (vocals/acoustic guitar) Chris Lopez (electric guitar) Mona Lee (piano) Brady Kerr (programming) Jon Cuevas (bass)
  • Seeker written by Jeremy Reed, Judith Quán, and Jon Esqueda • Jeremy Reed (vocals/guitar) Judith Quán (vocals/piano) Jon Esqueda (vocals/mandolin) Mona Lee (cello)
  • Rapunzel written by Abdel Dakhil • Abdel Dakhil (vocals/guitar) Mona Lee (cello)
  • Our Love written by August Eichman, Mona Lee, DJ Humanoid, and Jon Esqueda • Judith Quán (vocals/backing vocals) Jon Esqueda (vocals/backing vocals/guitar) August Eichman (piano) Mona Lee (cello) DJ Humanoid (programming) Ricardo Santiago (shaker)